Harrington Hill Governing Body

Governor Information

Harrington Hill Governing Body (HHGB) work with the staff and school community of Harrington Hill to ensure the best education is being provided for the children in the school.

HHGB has 12 members:

  • 2 elected Parent Governors

  • 1 elected Staff Governor

  • 1 Governor nominated by Hackney Learning Trust

  • 7 Co-opted Governors, identified the members of HHGB – these might be parents, members of staff, members of the local community, or anybody who can bring particular skills and experience we might need.

  • The Head Teacher

What do Governors Do?

The role of governors is set out in law as: “to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of education achievement at the school”.

The government has set out the three areas governors are responsible for:

  • Making sure the school has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction.

  • Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff.

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

In practice, as a governor you might get involved in:

  • Helping to agree a vision for the school and checking that we are on track to achieve it.

  • Agreeing and monitoring implementation of the School Development Plan.

  • Monitoring how well children are doing overall.

  • Agreeing the school’s budget, making sure we have the right resources.

  • Linking the school with the local community.

What Sort of People Are We Looking For?

HHGB members have agreed that, to be effective, governors must:

  • Be willing to learn about the school and the local community.

  • Not be intimidated by jargon and things that are unfamiliar, but be willing to do the necessary to learn.

  • Be available and prepared to contribute actively, including by attending and contributing to meetings.

  • Understand it is important to be well-prepared for meetings and be organised.

  • Be willing to listen to others and understand their viewpoint, and be prepared to put their own point of view.

  • Be prepared to question things and suggest new ways of doing things.

Being a governor is a fantastic way of learning new skills. Below is a list that we at Harrington Hill have found that we have developed over the years or which we have found useful. Even if you think you only a few of these, you will have the opportunity and support to develop as many as possible. All we ask is that you are prepared to make it happen.


  • Numeracy – we have to understand basic data
  • Active listening
  • Appreciating different points of view
  • Investigation and asking good questions
  • Being part of a team
  • Managing relationships
  • Being organised
  • Presenting information clearly
  • Focusing on the big picture – it’s not our job to run the school!


  • Understanding the role
  • Latest education developments
  • The local community
  • How the school works

Experience (if you’ve done any of these things you will be a real asset!)

  • Analysing data
  • Budgeting and finance
  • Recruitment and performance management
  • Chairing meetings
  • Taking minutes
  • Being on panels (recruitment, disciplinary, etc)

The Practicalities

  • HHGB meets every term to deal with business matters (6.00-8.30pm). The dates for the year are set in September.

  • Every governor is also a member of one of our two committees. The committees meet once a term, usually on the same day:

  • Curriculum Committee: 6.00-7.15pm

  • Resources Committee: 7.00-8.00pm

  • Every governor is a ‘Partner Governor’, getting to understand and report back on an important aspect of the school’s work (e.g. inclusion, creativity or science). Each Partner Governor visits the school at least once a year to speak to key members of staff, sit in on lessons or take ‘learning walks’ through the school. They then report back to their committee about the visit.

  • The Chair, vice-Chair and the chairs and vice-chairs of each committee form the Harrington Hill Action Group, which meets termly with the Headteacher and interrogates the school's data in detail, reporting back to the HHGB.


If you have any questions or want to discuss whether you could be a governor, please contact:

  • Georgia Brown

    Chair of Governors

    I'm Georgia Brown, and I am the Chair of the Governing Board and also the maths partner governor, so work closely with Mrs Barrett, Ms Betsworth and Miss Carmichael. I live in Clapton and have been a governor here for almost four years - if you have any questions about governing, please get in touch with me by email at

  • Gwen Edwards

    Governor - Local Authority Governors (appointed by Hackney Learning Trust)

    Hello, I'm Gwen Edwards, and I am the Vice-Chair of the Governing Board and also the Leadership of Teaching and Learning partner governor, so work closely with Mrs Williams and Ms Betsworth. I live in Hackney and have been a governor here for seven years – I am a Local Education Authority-appointed governor.

  • Courtney Glymph

    Governor - Vice Chair

    Hello, I am Courtney Glymph, and I am the Vice-Chair of the Resources Committee as well as the English Partner Governor. This is my first year as a Governor and I'm thrilled to be part of the Harrington Hill Community. I live in Kentish and have lived in North London for over five years.

  • Jane Betsworth

    Governor - Executive Head Teacher

    Jane Betsworth -Associate Member of Curriculum Committee, Resources Committee and Harrington Hill Attainment Group
    I have worked in Hackney as a teacher for more than 25 years, and since 2009, I have the privilege of being the Headteacher of Millfields Community School and Executive Headteacher at Harrington Hill Primary school. I have strong belief in education for all and am proud that Millfields and Harrington Hill are truly diverse and inclusive community schools.
    I have worked as an Executive Headteacher in 2 Hackney schools; currently supporting the leadership at Harrington Hill School. I have also done some work as an Associate Ofsted Insepctor and am currently a SIP for the local authority. I also sit on the Executive Board of the HTSA (Hackney Teaching School Alliance) and work closely with the associated group of schools.
    I am currently a Community Governor at Morningside Primary School in Hackney and also at West Green School in Haringey, and an Associate Governor at Harrington Hill Primary School in Hackney.

  • Elodie Ashworth

    Governor - Co-opted

    Hello, I’m Elodie Ashworth and I was co-opted onto the governing board in 2016. I am chair of the curriculum committee and I'm the partner governor for attendance, behaviour and SEN, working closely with Mrs Barrett and Mr Brodie. I live near London Fields in Hackney and work in marketing.

  • Rebecca Kennedy

    Governor - Staff

    Hello, I'm Becky Kennedy and I'm a teacher governor. I am a year 6 teacher, year 1.,2 and 3 phase leader and science leader at Harrington Hill. I joined the school last year after moving to London from Bristol and have been on the governing body since last Summer.

  • June Stevenson



  • Aysu Ozdemir

    Governor Co-Opted

    Hello, I'm Aysu Ozdemir and I am a Teaching Assistant in Year 4, as well as a Staff Governor at Harrington Hill School. I have been in the Governing board since June 2016 and have worked in Harrington Hill for the past 2 years. I live in Clapton and Harrington Hill was also my Primary School from the ages of 3-11. For this reason, I am very passionate about helping our school achieve and get better and better each day.

  • Moraya Durosinmi

    Governor - Parent

    My name is Morayo Durosinmi. I am one of the parent governors. I am passionate about the development, education and wellbeing of the children at Harrington Hill.

  • Memhet Guntav


    My name is Mehmet Guntav I am a newly elected parent governor, father of Melis in Year 2.

  • Dez Veares

    Governor - Co-opted

  • Laura Vale

    Governor - Co-opted

    Hello, I’m Laura Vale and I was co-opted onto the governing board in late 2017. I’m the partner governor for the early years foundation stage and sit on the Resources committee. I live in Haggerston and work in HR for a law firm.