14th March 2018

Attendance reminder - holidays in term time

 The law states that you do not have the right to take your child out of school for family holidays during term time.   The school will not authorise any holiday taken in school time and you may be issued with a penalty notice or fined up to £60.

 The educational needs of your child must take priority at all times. 


· Any absence during term time is proven to be very detrimental, as your child misses important lessons, creating ‘gaps’ in their understanding of key concepts and they find it difficult to catch up, potentially causing a serious impact on their academic development and attainment. 

· Teachers use valuable time helping returning pupils catch up, depriving those who really need them. 

· Children also find it difficult to manage friendships and the class dynamic when they have missed key school events at the beginning or end of term. 

 Thank you for your ongoing support, as we strive to achieve our attendance target of 97%.