Good attendance to school is crucial to achieve and make progress.

Our ATTENDANCE TARGET for academic year 2019-2020 is 97% or above.

Harrington Hill School sets high standards on attendance and punctuality  and expects that All PUPILS are in school every day by  8:55am  unless they are really ill or for other authorised circumstances. If children are regularly off school, they miss out on important learning opportunities. 

If children are late to school regularly, they miss on the day’s first explanations /activities and take a long time to settle in their class-rooms. Please make every effort to ensure your child comes to school on time every day.

Individual pupils’ attendance and punctuality is carefully monitored by the school and Hackney Learning Trust Attendance Officer. When individual attendance is below 95% it becomes a concern straight away and action is taken at school level to address  this issue. If individual attendance falls below even further, then action is taken at Hackney Learning Trust level and the HLT Attendance Officer intervenes.  If a child is persistently late, action is also taken.

If parents/carers are made aware of their child’s poor attendance and/or punctuality  and there is not immediate improvement, penalty warnings and fines are issued by the Local Authority.

Attendance Surgeries and facilitated regularly to discuss causes of poor attendance and punctuality.

Please contact the school office if you have any general or personal queries about attendance and our attendance officer will be happy to meet with you.


Pupils’ attendance is praised and rewarded through:

  • Classes with the best attendance for the week are acknowledged in the school’s newsletter
  • In a weekly class assembly, a class is rewarded with an attendance cup and extra golden time for the best attendance in the previous week
  • In a weekly class celebration assembly children have a chance of winning a prize every week in our 100% attendance lucky dip