Be Bright Be Seen Day

26th November 2018

Dress Bright to Stay in Sight Day!!!

 We are very excited to inform you that Harrington Hill will be celebrating a BE BRIGHT, STAY IN SIGHT day.

 During the winter months the weather is often gloomy and dreary and so it is important that pedestrians are easily noticed by drivers.

 We want to encourage children and adults to wear clothes and use accessories that help them be seen better when it is dark.

 To promote this, we would like to arrange a non-uniform day on Friday 30th November for children to come to school dressed as brightly as possible. If possible, children will bring £1, which will go towards safety resources.

Be as creative as you can with your clothes! The best colours are bright pink and yellow as well as fluorescent colours or anything with reflective material that will reflect the headlights of vehicles and streetlights. You can also use accessories (trainers, caps, hats socks). Try not to buy anything and use what you already have.