Book Swap

26th February 2018

Book Swap Day– Thursday 1st March
We are holding a Book Swap Day as part of our World Book Day celebrations on Thursday 1st March 2018. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the children to share books that they have enjoyed with other children in the school.
How it works:
During this week, commencing Monday 26th February 2018, the children can bring a book into school to swap and will receive a ‘Book Swap Token.’ The children will not get back their original book so please make sure they choose carefully!
On national “World Book Day” (Thursday 1st March) all the books that have been brought in will be spread out on tables in the library and children with a token will visit the library during the day to choose a new book.
We ask that the books are in good condition, with no ripped, torn or missing pages, no drawn or coloured in pages, no magazines and suitable for pupils at our school.
We hope that all the children will participate in this event!
Class Reading Competition
Starting on national World Book Day (Thursday 1st March) each class will take part in a reading competition. Children will add up each day how many minutes they have read and will continue to add to their class total for 3 weeks. The class with the highest number of reading minutes when the count is done on Thursday 22nd March will win a special reward, which will be announced to the pupils this Thursday! Please encourage children to take part and to write in their reading minutes in their records each night after they have read.