Welcome to our computing page. 

At Harrington Hill we value computing and recognise the subject’s importance and significance.  Our children are growing up in an ICT-rich environment which means they need the opportunities to experience and develop their skills to support them in the future. Children are taught and develop a wide range of computing skills through their weekly lessons. As you can see from our computing overview, in EYFS the children are taught essential keyboard and mouse skills; in year two they begin developing their coding skills; in year three they will learn about different uses of technology; in year four the children become network engineers; in year five they are architects and by year six the children are confident coders and movie makers. As well as this, technology is fed through other subjects, for example through researching in Science, creating explanation videos in Maths and story boards and animations in English. 

Please see below some examples of the fantastic computing work happening at our school.

In hope you enjoy exploring this page.

Miss Enthoven

Computing Lead

Computing at home

Why not learn new computing skills at home? Practise your coding skills at

There are lots of great educational games on

Dance mat typing is a great game to improve typing skills

Practise your times tables at  


As part of our Internet Safety Day we created videos based on E-Safety superheroes we created.

Inspirational Figures

It is thanks to Grace Hopper that we know and use code today. Read about this incredible woman below: