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Creative Arts at Harrington Hill

We foster a love of creative arts at Harrington Hill Primary School. Children are passionate and excited about developing their artistic skills through our termly art days. If you are a creative parent/carer, please contact the school as we would love to see what you could offer! On this page you will see regular updates of exciting creative activities, lessons, ideas for home learning and a gallery of our amazing children's work. Our featured artist should get your creative juices flowing, or follow our website links to really unleash your inner talent.   I hope you enjoy exploring our web page.

Hannah West

Art Leader

Our Vision at HH

•Promote a love of art in the school and celebrate creativity to improve children’s well being.


•teach art days linked to topic to produce a final product.


Use varied and creative resources and techniques.


• Learn about artists and the skills they have used using a sketchbook.
Web Gallery
Our school gallery has just changed, come in and take a look
Family Art Afternoon
What a fantastic event! A huge thank you to all the parents involved in making our first ever 'Family Art Afternoon' a huge success. So many of you are hugely talented and it was great to see your enthusiasm, the children were thrilled . Children across the school managed to create stunning portraits using varied mediums and techniques. Thanks again for coming in and drawing for mindfulness with your children. The link to other mindfulness drawing tasks has been posted on this page.  Watch this space for another community art event!
Progression of Skills

Children develop key skills and knowledge, which are built on each year in their sketchbook:

-   Drawing (pencil, charcoal, inks, chalk, pastels, ICT software)

-   Colour (painting, ink, dye, textiles, crayons, pastels)

-  Texture (wool, materials)

-  Form (3D work, clay, dough, boxes, wire, sculpture)

-   Printing (lino, string, blocks, fruit, press print)

-   Pattern (repeated, tessellating, overlapping, symmetry)

Featured Artist
Carl Stimpson