Welcome to our English webpage!

 English is at the heart of the primary curriculum as it forms the basis of all other learning. On this page, you will find out about everything we do at Harrington Hill to develop the pupils’ skills in writing, reading, spelling and handwriting. You will also see regular updates of exciting learning activities linked to reading and writing for pleasure, two things we value greatly at our school. If you are a parent or carer, who has some spare time on their hands and would like to volunteer to come in and hear children read, please get in touch! I hope you enjoy exploring our webpage.

Fiona Buglass

English Leader


Writing at Harrington Hill

Learning to write is one of the most important things that a child at primary school will learn as they use their writing in almost all other subjects of the curriculum. Good writing also gives children a voice to share their ideas and imaginations with the world!

 It is important to remember that learning to write can be a very tricky business for a child. Good writing involves handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation, not to mention thinking about what we want to write and who we are writing for! Therefore, at Harrington Hill we know how vital it is that we provide our pupils with a variety of engaging, cross-curricular opportunities in which to develop their writing skills. Look at the documents attached to this webpage to see the skills we are teaching in each year group.

How can I help my child with writing at home?

 Honestly? Give them rich and varied life experiences and read to them from the earliest age. These are the two key things families can do to develop their child’s vocabulary and imagination. Practicing writing with them comes after that.

Debaters in Action!
Last week, we were invited to take five of our students to the Hackney Primary Debating Challenge at Clapton Girls Academy! We took part in a workshop where we learned the skills needed for debating; we had to be loud, opinionated and give clear, developed reasons for our arguments. We had great fun meeting new people from other schools, learning from others and developing our speaking and listening skills. In the next session, our Harrington Hill team debated in a competition against another Hackney school on the topic, 'Should parents be paid to stay at home and look after their children?' It was a fantastic debate full of confidence and many points of information!
Unfortunately, our team didn't make it to the final, but we didn't mind as we knew the winning two teams were excellent speakers and we learned a great deal from listening to them. We didn't go away totally empty handed though... congratulations to Naia-Eve in Year 5 Emerald, who won an Outstanding Speaker Award!

Harrington Hill Book Week: Thursday 8th – Thursday 15th March

 It’s that time of the year again and we have lots of exciting things lined up! The author Pippa Goodhart is coming to Harrington Hill to work with all of our pupils on Tuesday 13th March and we have the Scholastic book fair coming to Harrington Hill for the whole of book week! More information on this coming soon. In the meantime, why not check out some of Pippa’s books or start getting your book character costume organised!

Also, check out the World Book Day website for lots of fun games and activities linked to reading!



All about Pippa

 Pippa is a prize-winning children's writer and teacher with a passion for creating quality books for children, for connecting children to books, and for developing new writers. Throughout a career spanning over 20 years she's had more than 100 books published! We can’t wait to meet her.



We believe that learning to read is every child’s right. Being able to read is such a fundamental part of a child’s development in all areas of learning that regular practice, reading across the curriculum and reading for pleasure are all-important parts of daily school life at Harrington Hill. In 2016, we were selected to be a ‘Destination Reader’ hub school, meaning we regularly share our great reading practice with other Hackney schools and host reading conferences. Please see our certificate uploaded to this webpage!

Reading in Year 1

 In Year 1, we teach daily phonics lessons to help children segment, blend and decode to read words accurately. We use the Read Write Inc phonics programme by Ruth Miskin to achieve this. We also teach daily guided reading sessions which run separately to phonics lessons. In guided reading we have a much larger focus on the child’s understanding of what they read and we use sentence stems to help children voice their ideas. Each day, the adult led groups focus on a key area of the Year 1 reading curriculum whilst the independent groups complete follow up activities linking to the same curriculum area. This helps children to embed the skill. We are very lucky to have Mrs Prior leding on early reading provision at Harrington Hill so if parents would like any support or advice regarding reading and phonics with their child, please do let us know.

Visits to Clapton Library

 This year, we have built a link with Clapton Library, enabling each class to visit the library once every half term. Nursery to Year 1 take part in a story time with the library staff whilst Year 2 – Year 6 browse the library’s extensive selection of books and choose a book to bring back to school. The children (and staff!) talk about how much they enjoy this experience and it certainly facilitates rich discussion about books back in the classroom. Watch this space to see some photos of our visits!

Sharing stories!


To celebrate the introduction of our new learning behaviours, all pupils at Harrington Hill wrote stories about one of our Learning Behaviour Superheroes! We planned, wrote and published our stories with illustrations ready to share with children from another class. Take a look at some photos of children from different classes reading their work together. 


Year 3 - Roald Dahl Museum
We had a wonderful time exploring the magnificent life of one our best loved authors, Roald Dahl. The children were immersed in nature on our woodland trail which highlighted where Roald took inspiration and we even saw his home. Roald's museum was filled with wonder, fancy dress and artifacts. Within the museum, we entered the story centre to develop our own ideas books. It was a fantastic trip and thanks to all the parents helpers!

Reading assistants

This year, some of our Year 5 pupils have been trained up as reading assistants. Every lunchtime, the reading assistants visit their reading buddy in Year 3 to support them with their reading. The pupils know what an important role this is and the Year 3 pupils involved in the program look forward to their session each day. Take a look at these photos to see the reading assistants in action!


Reading in Year 2 – Year 6

 Across Y2 - 6 at Harrington Hill, we teach daily 45 minute reading lessons that follow a fantastic reading program called ‘Destination Reader.’ Destination Reader is an approach to teaching reading, which can be applied to all texts. Its main focus is on:

 Key reading strategies, which support comprehension.

 Learning behaviours, which support pupil talk.

 We explore and unpick extracts of text together using our focus reading strategy. Then, pupils practice the same strategy in partners with a different piece of text. Our children do lots of reading and talking through their ideas about books with their reading partners.

 On Fridays, we answer questions about a text, using our reading strategies to help us.

 The 7 key reading strategies that we teach are as follows:




Making links




 You can find copies of the sentence stems for each strategy, which are used by the children in lessons, uploaded to this webpage. The learning behaviours enable pupils to engage with a text in pairs or groups and use the strategies to help them unpick and understand the text in a meaningful way. You can also find examples here of the language we expect pupils to use when sharing their ideas with each other in reading.

 Furthermore, at Harrington Hill, we are always striving to promote reading for pleasure. Books are there for us to enjoy and we want our pupils to develop their own reading preferences and a general love of reading. Overall, our aim is to develop our students in to able readers who have the skills they need to read independently by the time they leave us and who read books because they love to. If we can achieve that, we know we’ll have made a holistic difference to their life-long learning.

Sharing Stories