Debators in Action

1st May 2018

Debaters in Action!
Last week, we were invited to take five of our students to the Hackney Primary Debating Challenge at Clapton Girls Academy! We took part in a workshop where we learned the skills needed for debating; we had to be loud, opinionated and give clear, developed reasons for our arguments. We had great fun meeting new people from other schools, learning from others and developing our speaking and listening skills. In the next session, our Harrington Hill team debated in a competition against another Hackney school on the topic, 'Should parents be paid to stay at home and look after their children?' It was a fantastic debate full of confidence and many points of information!
Unfortunately, our team didn't make it to the final, but we didn't mind as we knew the winning two teams were excellent speakers and we learned a great deal from listening to them. We didn't go away totally empty handed though... congratulations to Naia-Eve in Year 5 Emerald, who won an Outstanding Speaker Award!