E Safety

E Safety

Our pupils often use the internet as part of their learning, and have regular lessons on e-safety to help them know how to keep safe online. Pupils in school are always supervised when using the internet. We realise that this close supervision of internet use is much harder to do at home, so here are some useful sites and guides to help

For Children:
These sites have some great activities, advice and games for children:
10th November
Feedback and Discussion

On Friday 10th November, we held an E-Safety Coffee morning at Harrington Hill.  

We began our time by discussing what E-Safety involves and parents/carers’ shared their initial thoughts on the topic.  

We then discussed our experiences of how technology is used in our families and the different devices, apps and websites regularly used.  

After watching a thought-provoking video questioning how much we know of our children’s experiences online, we shared concerns and helpful tips aimed at supporting young people to become more ‘digitally resilient’.  

Here are some of the top tips shared by parents/carers and teachers:

· Limit use of technology to communal areas

· Consider introducing ‘technology curfews’ ie limiting the amount of time used on devices/online and curbing use of devices after a certain time in the evening.  No technology at the dinner table rule!

· Using child-friendly versions of sites/apps ie ‘YouTube kids’

· Being the sole keeper of the device charger!

· Ensuring filters are set and virus protection software is installed 

· Prioritising fun family time (ie board games, reading books together, drawing etc)

At the end of the coffee morning, those who attended felt that a parent/carer practical support session would be helpful in helping them feel more confident applying different settings to their devices and building on their understanding of different apps and how they work.  

Watch this space!

For Parents:
This is a brand new guide for parents which talks about all the latest social media apps now available:
The following provide useful information and resources for parents: