EYFS Speech and language resources

EYFS Speech and Language Resources
The EYFS team have liaised with Frances, the schools Speech and Language therapist, to provide your child with a range of resources to support their speech and language development at home.
Before school closure, we begun to introduce the children to rainbow sentences. Rainbow sentences is designed to help children build a sentence by using colour coded visual cues (who, what doing, where). Each week, we will upload resources linked to a new visual code as well as a video showing the children the Makaton sign to match the visual code. The resources and signs for Who? and What doing? are available below. 

Check out this website for useful ideas on how to support your child's speech and language development at home. https://gethackneytalking.co.uk/
Below is also a leaflet about 'Sign of the Week' if you are interested in learning more about this initiative and how you can support your child at home.