KS2 Science Learning

Welcome to the KS2 Science home learning page!
The best science activities are often hands-on (and sometimes messy) and produce exciting (and sometimes unexpected) results. If you love science and want to have a go at some fun and easy experiments at home, take a look at the link, choose an experiment and have a go : Fun Science Experiments
If you want to challenge yourself, these are a few things you can do:
- Write a hypothesis before you begin.
- Write a paragraph to explain your findings at the end.
- Create your own fair test at home and record your results in a table/graph or bar chart.
You can check also check the EYFS and KS1 Science home learning page for some other activities too - you may want to try some with your siblings!
Feel free to send me pictures and videos of your experiments and I will post them on this page :)
I will be rewarding dojo points for everyone who has a go so keep a look out and I will be announcing this on the page throughout the week. 
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