New - Hispanic Week - 2019

Dominican Republic – Carnival Masks

Children in Year 5 got festive making devil masks typical from Dominican Republic’s carnival.

Mexico – Mayan hieroglyphics

Exploring Mayan written language through hieroglyphics

Panamá – Mola

Children enjoyed making their own version of the traditional clothing patterns form Panamá called Mola.

Perú – Nazca lines

Here you can see Year 4 children making Nazca lines. These lines are ancient geoglyphs that were found in the Nazca desert in Perú.

Puerto Rico – Taino Petroglyphs

Instead of written language The Taínos use Petroglyphs although it is hard to identify the meaning of these symbols. Children had a go at making Taino Petroglyphs on stones. Well done!

Spain – Exploring Barcelona

Children explored the city of Barcelona in 360. They even had the chance to see the inside of the famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia