Welcome to Nursery Home learning Page
Week Beginning: 22nd June 
Hi Nursery
From now on work will be set weekly for you to work through. I will continue to upload daily phonics videos. 
I just want to reiterate if you do not get all the tasks done, please DO NOT WORRY. Just try your hardest and have fun with some of the activities!  Many of tasks are practical/ talking tasks also so please continue to send me photographs or videos of your writing/ drawings/ arts & crafts etc.
Nursery Rhyme Challenge
See attached a nursery rhyme challenge sheet for you to have a go at. Take your time and enjoy reciting the nursery rhymes and take part in some nice activities- there is no rush or pressure to complete them all.
You can find videos of the nursery rhymes on youtube.
Read daily with a grown up.
Hackney library are allowing free access to books online. The whole family can access e-books and audio books on a mobile, tablet or computer.
Register at the link below and follow the on-screen instructions.
Be sure to take note of your UNREG registration number and your 4-digit pin.
Logging in
Once registered, the e-library (called the Overdrive) can be accessed via the link below.
Finding books
Once logged in, you can search for specific books or authors, or select age or genre categories. Any popular books that are already on loan to someone else can be reserved by selecting the wait list option.
 We are going to continue ares learning around the story 'Mouse's adventure'.
See attached the activities for our story of the week 'Mouse's adventure' 
This weeks maths activities around the story 'ZOG'
I hope you enjoy.
See attached our daily phonics videos.

 this week we are learning about frogs.
 Take a visit to the River Lea which runs through Hackney Marshes can you spot any frogs.
  See attached the fun frog activities.
Language Activity
See attached video for our weekly language activity.