Our School Vision, Values and Ethos

Striving for Excellence. Achieving Together.

Striving for excellence. Inspiring to achieve collaboratively through respect, happiness and creativity. We are independent and reflective for continuous improvement.

To help us achieve this school vision, the school community has signed up to a variety of promises.
Harrington Hill Learning Behaviours

As part of our on-going drive to provide our children with the best possible learning opportunities we would like to introduce our new approach in developing children’s learning behaviours.

This term the children and staff have been discussing what makes a good learner and have come up with 4 key learning behaviours that we will focus on as a whole school:





Over the course of this half term we will be exploring each learning behaviour and to help with our journey we have our four learning behaviour superheroes.


Please see the powerpoint below which will tell you all about our learning behaviour journey at Harrington Hill.
The first learning behaviour that we have been focusing on as a whole school is ACTIVE LISTENING ALI!
Each week a child who has been showing active listening will be selected from each class and they will attend a superhero party every Monday at 3pm.
Please see the photographs from our first ACTIVE LISTENING ALI superhero party!