Own it - online safety

22nd January 2018


The BBC has launched Own It, a website for 9-12 year olds to help develop the confidence and resilience to tackle the every-day challenges they face online. Their website states :-

The internet is amazing.

Whether you’re sharing with friends, enjoying videos, or playing games, it puts the whole world at your fingertips.

But it can also be tricky.

Sometimes the online world is not what it seems. You can end up feeling confused, uncomfortable, or out of your depth.

People can be mean, keen to play tricks on you, or take ad-vantage of things you don’t understand.

This doesn’t mean you need to be scared about life online. You need to be prepared.

Own It is here to help with that.

We have real life stories, advice from experts, fun quizzes, and videos with celebs and star vloggers - all here to help you be the boss of your online life.


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