Week beginning: 29th June

Week Beginning:  29th June 2020 


Good Morning Everyone.  Keep up all your hard work Reception! 

This week Dani and Rachel are at school with some of your friends.  We will still be checking our emails.  Send us some messages and we will share them with your friends. 


Can you have a try at Makaton with Frances?  




This week for PE have a try at some different cosmic kids yoga. Yoga is great way to get your body and mind stronger.  




This week our sounds are: 

Dani and Rachel’s group 


air – that's not fair 

ir – whirl and twirl 

ou – Shout it out  

oy – toy for a boy  


Elli and Jade’s group 


i-e – nice smile  

o– e – phone home  

u– e – huge brute 

aw – yawn at dawn  


Watch the video and join in with the learning.  

Can you read and write these words?  


Dani and Rachel’s group 

 Jade and Elli’s group 



















1: Some of our class is back at school. Can you write them a letter that we can share in class about what you have been doing at home.  

2: Can you write about one of your toys at home?  Describe what it looks like, why you like it and why it is special to you.  

3:  Can you write an animal who am I?  - Send it to Rachel and Dani so we can share it with the children at school.  

  •  I have stripes.  

  • I am orange and black. 

  • I have sharp claws.  

  • Who am I? 

4: Design your own superhero. Write about what it's powers would be. 

5: Using the pictures below. Can you write some stories about these pictures and what you think is going to happen in them or describing what you can see. 


This week we are going to be investigating money. Use the coins you have to explore and count.  

Can you name all the different coins.  Which is worth the most? Which is worth the least? 

  1. Learn about the different coins in this great song

  1. Can you sort the coins 

  1. Practice counting in 2s Now can you count using 2p coins.  

  1. Make shop. Put price tags on your toys and use the coins you have to buy them.  For example: Your teddy might cost 7p. That is one 5p coin and one 2p coin.  5p + 2p = 7p 



  1. Look at the great Makaton video Frances has made about seasons.  

  1. You can learn more about season on DK Find out -  What is your favourite season?  Last week was the longest day of the year.  Find out more about it.  

  1. Watch the solar system song  Can you name all the planets? 



  1. Can you make a den?  Use some blanket and pillows.  

  1. Using your scissor can you practice your cutting skills. Get an adult to draw some different lines for you to cut along.  Straight, wiggly, zig zags, curved.  

  1. Make your own story map of your favourite book at home.  - Here is link to one of Georgie’s favourites. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0102qfj/room-on-the-broom 

  1. Design your own superhero.  

Rachel and Dani's phonics group (Set 2 sounds)

Jade and Elli's phonics group (Set 3 sounds)