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Welcome to the Citron class home learning page:
Our home learning is intended to develop our pupils' excitement and passion for their learning and to help parents support their children at home.
During the week daily activities will be added to:
  • Ensure that parents are clear about what their child is expected to do;
  • Ensure consistency of approach throughout the school during the closure;
  • To use home learning as a tool to help to continue to raise standards of attainment;
  • Improve the quality of the learning experience offered to pupils and to extend it beyond the classroom environment;
  • Provide opportunities for parents, children and the school to work together in partnership in relation to pupils’ learning;
  • Encourage pupils and their parents to share and enjoy learning experiences;
  • Reinforce learning covered in class by providing further opportunities for the individual pupil;
  • To practise or consolidate basic skills and knowledge;
A message from Rachel 
Hi Citron Class, 
I know it is strange that we will not be at school for the next few weeks, but it gives us a chance to try something new and make our brains even more powerful.
If you have any questions or want to share some of your amazing learning with myself (and Dani) please email
I will be thinking of you every day Citron. Keep smiling and making your amazing brains powerful.
From Rachel 

Friday 27th March


Happy Friday Citron class! 

Well done on completing your first week of ‘home learning’. I would love to see some of the learning you have been doing at home. Can you send me an email with a photo attached? Thank you Viraaj for sending in photos of his super learning, and Ibrahim and Yusuf for sharing what they enjoyed about the Grouchy Ladybird.


Parents, every day you should be receiving an email from myself and Dani. If you are not, please let me know so I can add you to our contact list.  (


A Friday treat...

When you have finished your activities for the day, snuggle up and watch ‘The Snail and the Whale’ on BBC iPlayer (our class text from last week)



Today, I would like you to revise the sounds we have gone over this week.

Rachel/Dani's group: r, j, v

 Jade/Elli's group: ay, ee, igh

1. Practice writing your sounds. 

2. Practice writing words which include the sounds:


Rachel/Dani's group: rat, red, run, jet, jump, jog, vet


Jade/Elli's group: play, stay, may, see, bee, high


Parents, you will need to say each word aloud and the children can then pinch the sounds they hear on their fred fingers (as shown in the videos).  


3. Write a silly sentence that includes some of the words from above e.g. the rat is in a red hat.

Once you’ve finished the above tasks, play fishy phonics.



Listen to the story of the Grouchy Ladybird again.

What is your favourite part of the story? Why do you like this part?

Write some super sentences to tell me what happens in your favourite part of the story.



Minus is another word subtract. Can you think of any other words that mean subtract?

Have a go at minus mission.



Watch the videos about ladybirds.

Listen carefully as you will need to remember the facts you hear.

After watching the video, can you now make a fact file about ladybirds. Remember a fact file should include some pictures and some facts. Ask your adult to help you.

Please take a photo of your finished work as I would love to see it! Send it to

Thursday 26th March 


Today is Thursday the 26th of March.  
Can you count up to 26?  

What day was yesterday?  What day will it be tomorrow? Use the days of the week song to help you.  



Did you see Anderson the dog in the phonics video I put up yesterday? I forgot to bring home Fred so Anderson will be helping with fred talk.  

Sounds of the day 

Rachel and Dani’s group: v 

Jade and Elli’s group: igh 

  1. Watch the video for your group  

  1. Practice writing your sounds.  Remember to start in the correct place.  

  1. Use your fred fingers to write the words that Rachel gives you in the video. 

  1. Can you write the sentences below?  (Parents say the sentence aloud until your child can remember it and then get them to write it down using their fred fingers.) 


Dani/Rachel:  The vet fed the fat cat. 

Elli/Jade:  The slug got a slight fright in the night 

Challenge:  Can you read the speedy green words?  



Watch the video of the Grouchy Ladybird again.  Does your story map from yesterday have all the parts of the story?  

Can you write a blurb for the Grouchy Ladybird? A blurb goes on the back cover of a book.  

It tells the reader what the story is about. 



Warm up:  Practice your counting all the way to 100! 

Watch the video. Can you read all the tens frames quickly?  


10 – 6 =  

10  - 4 =  

10 – 7 =  

10 – 3 =  

10 – 8 =  

10 – 2 =  

10 – 5 = 

10 – 1 =  

10 – 9 =  


 Challenge: What is the same and different about these two number sentences?   10 - 4  = 6     10 - 6 = 4   


Art Challenge   

Can you create a still life to draw? 

A still life is a collection of objects that you can draw.  Here is a photo of what Rachel and Georgie are going to draw today.  

Send a photo of your artwork to us so we can celebrate it all.  Get your adult to email us 

Wednesday 25th March 


Good Morning Citron Class.

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday starts with the ‘w’ sound.  The date is the 25th of March.  Can you count to 25?

Can you think of other words that start with ‘w’? Can you use your Fred talk to help you write them down?  Did you try the Joe Wick workout yesterday?  I will join in with you today.



Rachel has made another two special videos today teaching you a new sound.  

Rachel's or Dani's phonics group - 'j' sound 

Jade/Elli's group - 'ee' sound 

1. Watch the video for your group.

2. Practice writing your sound. 

3. Can you write the sentences below? (Parents say the sentence aloud until the child can remember the sentence and then ask them to write the sentence down using their Fred fingers)

 I can jump. (Rachel/Dani’s phonics group)

 I can see a jet. (Jade/Elli’s phonics group)


 See if you can spot Rachel’s dog Anderson in the video.



Listen to the story of the Grouchy Ladybird again.

Can you name the different creatures that the Grouchy Ladybird meets?

Can you draw a story map to help you retell the story?

(A story map is where your child needs to draw pictures to show what is happening in each part of the story.)



Parents, this video shows you some different strategies to help your child to subtract

Have a go at solving the subtraction problems below.

4 – 2 =

5 – 2 =

2 – 1 =

3 – 3 =

8 – 5 =

9 – 3 =



15 – 5 =

12 – 7 =

13 – 4 =



Can you draw a ladybird and add labels? 

Ask your children to use their fred talk to label the legs, wings, head, spots and eyes. 

Look at the resource below for an example of how you should set it up in your book. 

Tuesday 24th March 

Hello Citron Class

I hope you all had a fabulous Monday.

Have you all got your special at-home learning packs yet?  If not, you can collect them from the school office.


Rachel's or Dani's phonics group - 'r' sound 
Jade/Elli's group - 'ay' sound 
1. Watch the video for your group.
2. Practice writing your sound. 
3. Can you write the sentence below? (Parents say the sentence aloud until the child can remember the sentence and then ask them to write the sentence down using their Fred fingers)

The red dog can jump.                           

Remember what a sentence needs.

Practice writing the sound r – down the robot and over this arm. Make sure your letters are sitting on the line.



Listen to the story of the Grouchy Ladybird again.

What happened at the beginning? What happened in the middle? What happened at the end?

Why do you think the leaf said thank you to the Grouchy Ladybird?

Have you said thank you to anyone today? 

Use the resource and see if you can make your own story map like Rachel.



Can you practice counting back from any number?  9?  14?  16?  21? 34?

Sing the Counting from 20 song to warm up your powerful brain.  Then try the big number song 

Using your tens frame can you solve some subtraction questions?

Check out today’s resource to help you.

See the resource for today's challenge. 



Can you write a speech bubble for the ladybird?

Use your fred fingers to help you.  Say your sentence first and teach someone at home how to point your sentence out.  Don’t forget finger spaces, capital letters, and full stops.

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Monday 23rd March
Can you teach someone at home all your set one speed sounds. Use your speed sound chart from parents evening. 
Practice writing all the letters. Make sure you start in the correct place and they are sitting on the line. 
Challenge:  Can you make them all the same size? 
Try playing Odd and Bob.  Bob only eats the real words. 
This week our for Literacy our story is 'The Grouchy Ladybird.'
Grouchy means that you feel grumpy. Have you ever felt grumpy? 
Before you listen to the story...
Why could the ladybird be grouchy?
After listening to the story... 
Who was the main character in the story? 
Who else was in the story? 
What was the problem in the story? 
Today for maths can you teach someone at home the days of the week and the months of the year songs? 
What day is it today?  What will it be tomorrow?  What day was it yesterday
What is the date today?  Can you count up to that number?
Practice your counting backwards.  
Challenge:  Can you count backwards from 12?  From 17?  From 23? From 30? 
Can you go onto the DK for Kids website with an adult and find out about ladybirds. 
Challenge: Draw a ladybird and label it. 
For more ideas for home learning please follow link below:
Suggested Timetable 
Each day I will be putting up some new learning for you. 
Parents here is a suggested timetable you could use. (I completely understand this may not be possible) 
9.00-9.30 P.E. - See Joe Wicks live videos daily
9.30-10.15 Phonics including Reading and Writing 
10.15-10.30 Brain break - songs or exercise
10.30-11.30 Free Play *
11.30-12.00 Literacy 
1.00-1.15 Story 
1.15-1.45 Maths
1.45-2.45 Free Play *
2.45-3.00 Handwriting 
3.00-3.30 Topic 
*Free Play can be a child-initiated activity or an adult-led activity. This is where the children could choose something from the pack and write, draw, paint, colour or cut. 
Phonics Games
Check our phonics bloom for great interactive phonics games that can be use on phonics and tablets. 
Your child will be working at phase 2 or phase 3. 
Daily Reading
The more they read, the more they know. 
You can read to your child in English or your home language. 
Here are some great e-book websites you can use to read with your child at home. 
Your child will also have some reading sheets at their level in their special learning pack. 
Sign in with the log in
Password Parents20!  to access their free e-books
Set up an account to access their free RWI and other e-books. 
Here are some great tablet friendly maths websites

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is an excellent online resource that provides students help with revision and learning. Here you will find a number of free videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes by level and subject on every subject for students aged from three to 16 and over.

Activity Village

For those of you who enjoy making crafts with your child at home, Activity Village is a great resource for ideas and templates to develop creativity at home

Online educational publishers, Twinkl, have offered parents free access to all its resources for a month to support continued learning at home. All you need to do is enter UKTWINKLHELPS to get started.
Twinkl also has a Parents Hub that has a number of different guides designed for parents to support them with different curricular areas.


Online learning platform, Sumdog, has a number of engaging and challenging maths and literacy games that your child can use to enhance their 

Children’s University of Manchester

For kids who love science, the Children’s University of Manchester website is an excellent interactive resource in which your child can browse a number of different science topics which have a quiz at the end of each unit.