Meet Harrington Hill’s Eco Warriors!

At Harrington Hill, we believe that sometimes the small things can make a big difference and that is why we have an Eco Team. Here you will find details of how Harrington Hill are working together to become more eco–friendly.

Our Eco Team is a group of children from across the different year groups who are passionate about finding ways in which we can care for the environment and the world around us. Each week, the Eco Team meet to think about ways in which Harrington Hill can become more sustainable and they help to organise and set up projects across the school.

Currently, our main project is focused on recycling. Our Eco Team are taking steps to educate both staff and children about what can be recycled. Check back soon to see our recycling

Every day, the Eco Team work closely with our caretaker Alex to ensure recycling is put into the correct bins. The Eco Team have designed posters for each class to help children know what they can and can’t recycle.


The Eco Team have designed their very own ‘Eco mascots’ made from all recyclable materials. The children are hoping to use these mascots as part of a whole school competition later in the year.

Next half term, the Eco Team plan to reduce the amount of litter in the school grounds and the local community by going on a litter pick. Keep an eye out for the Eco Warriors in action on Thursday 1st March.