Whole School Trip - follow up letter

4th July 2019

Thursday 4th July 2019

Re: Whole School Trip on Friday 12th July

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you and your family are looking forward to the Whole School Trip next Friday to Clissold Park.  

On the morning of the trip, children need to go into their class to be registered as usual. We ask all parents and younger siblings coming on the trip to wait in the lower hall. As soon as the children have been registered and receive their free school meal if they are entitled to one, parents and carers will be asked to collect all of their children and make their way to the park by foot, bus or any other method of your choice. Families will be given maps of Clissold Park on the day if required.

As you know, this trip is dependent on parental support as there are not enough members of staff to enable a whole school trip to go ahead. Children, whose parents or carers DID NOT sign and therefore DID NOT commit to coming on the trip, will be accompanied by school staff on the day. Please return the slip to your child’s class teacher ONLY if you can accompany your own child(ren). The slip was on the last letter that went home with your child and we really need as many parents to attend as possible!

All children should be in their school uniform or school PE kit with trainers. They must bring with them:

  • A rucksack to carry on their shoulders

  • A water bottle (there are facilities to refill water bottles)

  • A packed lunch (unless your child receives free school meals)

  • A change of clothes for after being in the paddling pool (which is free)

  • A waterproof coat and/or a sunhat and sun cream (depending on the weather!)


  • Kites, frisbees, toys to play with 

    Parents coming on the trip have total responsibility for their children once they leave the school premises and should bring:

  • Oyster cards or other form of payment for transport (if not walking)

  • A picnic for their family

  • A picnic rug or blanket if they choose to

  • Good walking shoes

  • Any kites or toys to play with at the park 

    We hope you have a wonderful day and hope that families will visit Clissold Park again in the future. If you have any questions, please speak to any member of staff. 

    Many Thanks,

    Kirstie Barrett

    Head of School