World Book Day

19th March 2018

What an enjoyable Book Day we had at Harrington Hill! Well done to all of the children and staff who dressed up as book characters for the occasion; you all looked fantastic and it was wonderful to celebrate reading together whilst bringing books to life!


 Congratulations to our costume winners:


Nursery: Timon

Reception Saffron: Tianna

Reception Citron: Daniel

Y1 Sage: Nathan and Kymarni

Y1/2 Olive: Leo

Y2 Apple: David. M

Y2 Lime: Tianna

Y3 Sky: Umar

Y3 Cobalt: Lynden

Y4 Copper: Berkay

Y4 Amber: Sasha

Y5 Emerald: Fabian

Y5 Jade: Mustafa. K

Y6 Aqua: Sumiyya

Y6 Sapphire: Yezda



Costume Winners
World Book Day Gallery

We were also very lucky to have the well-known children's author, Pippa Goodhart, in school with us. She led sessions with every year group, sharing many secrets about her books and where she gets her inspiration. It was also great to see so many pupils, families and staff at the Scholastic book fair this weekwe hope you are all enjoying getting stuck in to your new books! Happy reading!