Year 1 & 2 - Lime

Ms Begum

Teacher - Lime Class

Welcome to the Lime class home learning page:
Our home learning is intended to develop our pupils' excitement and passion for their learning and to help parents support their children at home.
During the week daily activities will be added to:
  • Ensure that parents are clear about what their child is expected to do;
  • Ensure consistency of approach throughout the school during the closure;
  • To use home learning as a tool to help to continue to raise standards of attainment;
  • Improve the quality of the learning experience offered to pupils and to extend it beyond the classroom environment;
  • Provide opportunities for parents, children and the school to work together in partnership in relation to pupils’ learning;
  • Encourage pupils and their parents to share and enjoy learning experiences;
  • Reinforce learning covered in class by providing further opportunities for the individual pupil;
  • To practise or consolidate basic skills and knowledge;
Lime Class Wonder Wall
Friday 22nd May 2020


Good Morning Little Limes


 Below are brand new activities for you to all enjoy!

I want to wish you all a lovely, restful half term! Enjoy the sun with your families and we will be back on the 2nd of July!


Miss Begum

9- 9.30 am Exercise with Joe Wicks!
9.30-9.45 am Break
9.45- 10.45 am Maths
10.45-11.15 am Break
11.15-12.15 pm  Literacy 
1.15-2.00 pm Geography / Comprehension 
2.00- 2.15pm Times Tables Rock Stars/ computing
2.15-3.00 pm Handwriting/ spellings
30 minutes of reading daily
This week in Maths we are revisiting Measurement. What things can we measure with? If I wanted to measure a door would I use a ruler or a meter stick?
Let's see how much you've learnt! Can you try the mini test? 
You task is to create a Continent booklet adding all the information you have learnt over the past few weeks. You do not need to download the booklet, simply draw in your books. There are fact sheets to help you!
Have a go at this comprehension task. Remember to underline key words and read the question carefully!
It would be fantastic if you could read daily for 30 minutes so follow the oxford owl link below and find the books you'd like to read!
Handwriting and Spelling
Practise your handwriting and spelling at the same time! See if you can cover you eyes and say the correct spelling aloud!
Have a go at creating some of these with things around your house!
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