Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 Home Learning Page


Hello, Year 2!

  We hope you enjoyed last week's tasks and activities!

Please see below, this week's home learning where you will find lots of fun challenges to keep you busy. 

The work does not need to be printed however, you may need usernames and logins to access some of the pages which will be provided below. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at
 Miss Begum and Miss Merrick 
W/C 29.06.20     

This week your writing will be about 'The Lighthouse'

Click here to watch the story:

You will be focussing on Apostrophes for Possession.



Here are some sentences to help:

I've had such a lovely day today.

They've all come to help me with the lighthouse. 

You'll be the best writer one day!

I've been missing my Nan a lot so I'll be going to visit her soon.




Monday-  Make predictions about the story.

Watch the video up to the title screen (pause at 33 seconds). Can you guess what the film is going to be about?  Are there any clues? What can you see? How might the story make you feel? Write sentences to describe! 

Tuesday Ask questions about the story. 

Watch the rest of the video and create some questions about the story.

Question examples: Why is the man alone? Why does he keep closing his window? What are the people celebrating? How did the man feel when they helped him? Why did they decide to help him?

Wednesday Design your own lighthouse and label it with descriptions.

What does your lighthouse look like? What colour is it? How high it is? What does it overlook? What is it made of? Does your lighthouse have any secret passages? Who lives in this lighthouse?

Remember to use adjectives!

Thursday - Write a newspaper story of the event.

What is the name of your newspaper? What will your heading be? Who are the main characters? What happened first? Then what happened? How did the people feel? Did they give any comments?


 Friday - Write a letter to the lighthouse keeper.

The lighthouse keeper must be lonely. What do you want to tell him? How is the view from all the way up there? Are you scared of heights? Is it very windy? Does the city look beautiful at night will all the lights?

Please use the word mats below to help you with your writing: 


Practise your spellings  by playing these games:


Check out this useful website for ways to practise your handwriting too:


Each week in maths, you will be completing worksheets from, Target Your Maths Book. You can complete these directly into your workbook, or you can print the PDF worksheets below.

To access these online, you will need a username and password, please follow the yellow link below and sign in using the details: 


Student Login details:

 Username: harrington-hill-student 

 Password: xwwq69fn 



In maths this week you are going to be revising 2D shapes and touching on number arrays. Complete worksheet 15 to 19 from the Year 2 Target Your Maths Book online. Details below:

Please complete the worksheets 20-24

Monday- sheet 20 Grouping 

Tuesday- sheet 21 Two Times Tables 

Wednesday- sheet 22 Odd and Even numbers

Thursday- sheet 23 Fractions of Length

Friday- sheet 24 Using + and - 

Remember to keep practising your times tables, on Times Tables Rockstars!


Maths Challenges


This week, you will learn about sound and how we can hear sound but not see it. We will look at natural sounds from the outdoors to sounds that are made from vibrations. Continue learning by watching the clip below and completing the activity on this BBC learning page!


Please find below, the comprehension task for you to try!

Remember to read 20 minutes each day, you can use the Oxford Owl website for free Ebooks:


Password: Olivelime

Also, please remember to swap your books every Thursday at school.



Don’t forget to exercise as much as you can!

Try Joe Wicks' PE class here:

Have a go at making a bookmark!
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