Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 Home learning Page
Good Morning Year 3!
We hope you had lovely weekends and you are ready to do some exciting, challenging and interesting work this week! 
Remember, we have slightly changed how we are using the website....
Every Monday Miss Smith and Miss Alcock will put work on the website for the whole week. This will include English, Maths and Spellings along with Science and PE activities to complete. 
Just below is an overview with all links needed for the week included.
If you have any issues or questions please send us an email on or on Class Dojo. We will be adding daily read alouds and spellings so do check in with Class DOJO! 
We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your work this week.
All the best - Miss Smith and Miss Alcock! 

This week you will be using the film 'La Luna' in your writing! 

You need to follow the link and then scroll down a little to see the videos: 

English Activities:


  1. Make predictions about the story: Answer the questions below the video and make your own predictions about what will happen next. This will help you with your writing later in the week. 

  2. Write a character description: Describe the boy. What does he look like? What do you think his personality is like? Be as inventive as you like! 

  3. Write dialogue between the boy and the men in the boat: In the video, they communicate by making noises. What do you think they are saying? 
  4. Write verbs and adverbs to describe the actions of the boy: Think about when he touches the star. How does he do it? Excitedly? Cautiously? How does he feel? 
  5. Write your own ending to the story: The video ends with the boy hearing a noise. Who made the noise? Why? What do you think happens next? Use your predictions from activity 1 to help you! 

Use the word mats to help your writing. 





See worksheet below – Practise your spellings by using the strategies on the website.

Test yourself on Friday by logging into class dojo and listening to the spellings being read aloud! 

Good luck! 


In maths this week you are going to be learning about decimals. Follow the link below and work from the ‘Summer Term – Week 6 (W/C 1st June). Watch the videos and then have a go at the worksheet (all video links for the whole week are in the top attachment and then all worksheets are below). Answers are at the bottom of the page. 


 Monday: Lesson 1. Tenths as decimals 

Tuesday: Lesson 2: Fractions on a number line

Wednesday: Lesson 3. Fractions of a set of objects

Thursday: Lesson 4. Fractions of a set of objects

Friday: Maths challenge! 


Remember to keep practising your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars


Choose one of the experiments to carry out at home. Write up what you find out!


Don’t forget to do your Joe Wicks PE every day


Learn to sign a song! (link below)


Keep reading every day! Watch our daily read alouds of Harry Potter on ClassDojo.

Maths Answers