Year 4

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W.b. 22nd June 2020


Good morning everyone,


This week your learning will be based on Hackney! Learn about the history, the people and the places we love! 


  1. Did you know that in the 1960’s and 70’s many young women came to Hackney from the Caribbean to work as nurses? Write a job description about a nurse. Look at the file below for extra information.
  2. Write a job description of your choice. Why not find out more about the jobs adults at home do?
  3. Imagine that you came to visit Hackney. Write a blog entry (online diary) telling everyone about your visit to Hackney, London. Tell everyone about the places they must visit. For example: Did you know that the Hackney Empire was built in 1901?
  4. Write a letter to a friend in another country and tell them about your favourite place in Hackney and why you love it so much. Maybe it is Springfield Park? Or Mare street?
  5. Write a short story called: ‘A day in Harrington Hill primary school…’


In Maths this week you are learning about perimeter and area. At the end of the week you will be also answering real life questions based on area and perimeter. Good luck!

As always:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Complete the worksheet
  3. Check your answers

Maths lesson 1:

Maths lesson 2:

Maths lesson 3:

Maths lesson 4:

Maths lesson 5:


Complete the attached spelling words activity mat pack 3. Challenge yourself by asking someone to test you on the words you have learned today. Good luck!

Reading comprehension

Make sure to read for 30 minutes every day! Your reading comprehension activity is based on Benjamin Zephaniah. Choose the level of difficulty based on your ability.


Learn how human beings affect the environment:

Now complete a chart that asks you to write ideas and solutions with regards to the environment.


All of the activities will be based on you learning more about Hackney!

  1. Complete the ‘My community activity booklet’.
  2. Find out about famous people who came from Hackney.
  3. Learn about traditional food at home. Talk to your adults and find out where does the traditional food come from and why. Why not cook it together also?
  4. Learn about the history of Hackney: After that, complete the file called: ‘Learn something new about your local area’.


Create a map of your road, area or neighbourhood. Watch this video for an inspiration:

Add as many details as you want and be as precise as you desire!

Why not create a 3D map of a neighbourhood you would love to have? Here is a short video for guidance and inspiration:


Learn all about classical music by listening to David Walliam’s podcast. It is fun yet educational! Scroll all the way down on the web page and choose an episode to listen to:


The Childline web page has many activities, games and exercises that help you deal with anxiety and complex feelings you might be experiencing. Explore the website and complete at least two activities of your choosing this week.