Year 5 Allen Gardens Trip

4th May 2017

On Thursday 4th May, Y5 went on a fantastic trip to Allens Gardens in Hackney. We discovered that there are lots of gardens in Hackney where organic vegetables are grown very close to where we live! In the garden, we learnt about how organic plants are grown, which fruits and vegetables grow in the UK and which season they grow best in. Then, we sowed our own lettuce seeds in soil, watered them and brought them back to school to grow our own lettuce plants. At the garden, we also picked and tasted some different herbs such as mint, salt plants and garlic flowers, as well as making our very own herbal tea using mint leaves and warm water. It was delicious! Additionally, we played a game called guess the vegetable, where we had to close our eyes and describe the vegetable we were holding. Our classmates gave us clues which were great, but we definitely learned about some new vegetables that we had never seen or tried before. Perhaps some of us might take more interest in trying organic foods now. Who knows, we might even take up gardening!