Year 6 Gilwell Camp - News and Updates.......

8th October 2019

Year 6 Gilwell Camp News & Updates
Yesterday we arrived at Gilwell Park Camping grounds after a long, tiring and muddy treck through the woods! We then settled into our tents before exploring the grounds. We worked together like Teamwork Tariq to make our own dens.. Dinner was yummy; chicken in breadcrumbs, sweet potato fries (the best Mr.Brody has ever had) and salad followed by a forest berry dessert. It was a cold night so we wrapped up warm for bed time and made it through our first nights away from home. Bring on todays adventures!
Good morning family and friends!

Yesterday was an exciting day. After having a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, beans and toast we began our activities; archery, making our own pizza and cooking it on a camp fire and zipwire! After lunch, we had a competition to see who had the cleanest tents! The winners were Jose, Javier and Muhammad H with Isiah, Diemi, Mikele and Cameron who tied with Aleyna, Nevaeh, Maya, Carla and Lakeeta as runners up! We had a visit to the tuck shop and stocked up on loads of snacks and cool toys before going for a walk up a hill to watch the sunset. It was really beautiful! In the evening, we played some games and yesterday, Josiah was the champion! 
We’re excited for our campfire tomorrow!
Diemi, Emmanual, Berkay and Makari
The sun was finally shining for us yesterday morning although it was still a frosty day! We had another great breakfast: sausages, hash browns, beans and toast (some of us should have laid off of the beans)! Then we were off for our activities which included crate stacking and ‘High All Aboard’ - this was the scariest by far because we had to climb up a really thin, long pole 4 at a time until we reached the top. The aim of the task was to balance on the platform altogether but they didn’t make it easy for us! We barely fit on the platform. The highlight of our day was the campfire! We had roasted marshmallows and sang songs, Cristal even did some beat-boxing for us! And then it was shower time followed straight by bed... everybody seemed to fall asleep sooner last night. We must be getting tired! 
2 sleeps to go.
Kiah, Anabel, Malaz, Fred and Cristal.
Thankfully the chef heard our wishes yesterday so our bean-filled breakfast was exchanged for loads of delicious pastries and yoghurt! 
Before the rain began, we completed some more activities- we were especially good at orienteering (Diemi and Makari were super speedy) and Maggie, Malaz, Mikele and Anabelle all overcame their fear of heights! 
In the evening (when it was almost pitch-black) we played games in the field including Capture the flag but it was straight to bed after that as a very windy and rainy night awaited us.. 
We’ve made it through all four nights of our trip and are ready to come home to see our families!  Enjoy the rest of our pictures!