Year 6 PGL Trip Daily News

1st November 2018

Thursday 1st November

Today at PGL, it was even harder to wake up in the morning! We had a slow walk to breakfast and enjoyed some warm, cooked food. As usual, it was then time for activities. 


First of all was Jacob’s Ladder; a wobbly ladder made of logs that reaches to the sky. It was petrifying for many of us, but once we got up there it was so worth it! We encouraged each other and everyone pushed themselves to get as high as they could.


Aeroball was the next activity and It was chilly as it was outside. We soon warmed up once we began jumping though! The crate challenge was challenging but fun and we had to work as a team to succeed. 


Survivor was a incredible experience where all of us learned skills for surviving in the wilderness. We learned how to make fire and built shelters in the woods out of just the materials available! On the way back to our rooms, Deniz made the funniest comment of the day that left us all in stitches: ‘Did you know that I have 3 sides to my brain? The left side, the right side and the crazy side!’ 


Last but not least, tonight we had a campfire. We sat together underneath the stars (and we think we saw a planet!) We sang campfire songs, such as the pirate song, and we all had toasted marshmallows on the bonfire. Then we went inside to have mouthwatering hot chocolate which left us feeling toasty for the night. 


Tomorrow we are going on the zip wire and going orienteering - we cannot wait! 


See you tomorrow parents! 

From tonight’s bloggers,
Kirstin, Naia-Eve, Deniz, Jeni and Yagmur.

Wednesday 31st October
Today at PGL has been fabulous!
We woke up early, feeling energised and ready for the fun that awaited us. We were  all still smiling about the water balloon contest last night, which included creativity, imagination and teamwork.

Because everyone was hungry, we went down to breakfast early to enjoy the famous PGL hash browns. Today was yet another freezing cold day so we wrapped up warm for our activities. First was abseiling, where we had face our fears to the extreme by jumping off the ab tower! Please don’t worry parents - we were in safe hands and secure harnesses! Look at our photos to see how much fun we had!

After that, we had problem solving, involving many games including ‘Bunny Whoops’ - we all loved it and Zach, our leader, entertained us through the whole activity.

As it is Halloween today, the PGL staff served us some homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream at lunchtime! We were all feeling warmed by the delightful taste and ready for the afternoon.

The trapeze, challenging everyone, led to many of us overcoming our fears and also led to lots of encouragement and laughter.  We also enjoyed the challenge course where we got to name our own obstacles.

We have just had a delicious dinner and we will let you know how our quiz night goes tonight! More news from PGL coming tomorrow.

From tonight’s bloggers,

Caleb, Mikiyas, Omer, Emmanual and Luke
Tuesday 30th October
 Tuesday at PGL has been amazing! After a good night’s sleep in our new dormitory rooms, we got up early for a delicious cooked breakfast. It is freezing cold but we have all been wrapped up warm - no need to worry about us! Then we split in to our two teams for the day time activities: rock climbing, archery, fencing and we all conquered our fears on the giant swing! You can see our photos below. Today was also our first visit to the PGL shop - we bought lots of souvenirs, amongst other things! In our free time, we are enjoying relaxing in our rooms, socialising with our room mates. Although last night was a later bedtime due to our excitement, tonight definitely won’t be! More news tomorrow from us sleepy but happy Year 6s
From today’s bloggers,

Amandeep, Ella, Deja and Senel

Monday 29th October

Year Six arrived safely at PGL this afternoon! We played some games in the huge outdoor grounds, settled in to our dormitories with our room mates and unpacked our things. We then met our PGL leader, Rose, who explained all of the rules of PGL and gave us a tour. We ate dinner together in the PGL dining room and spent the evening playing Robot Wars!

What a fun first day! More news from PGL coming tomorrow. We will be doing climbing and archery, amongst other exciting activities...